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Fire Damage

Fire damage can take many forms including - but not limited to - physical damage from the fire; soot and smoke throughout the structure; and water damage as a result of  the fire department's efforts to put out the flames, just to name a few.


Fire damage can be tricky to assess, because while some signs of damage are obvious (charring, wall discolorations and smoke stains on surfaces), there are some instances of prolonged smoke damage that stay hidden and can go unnoticed. Other issues include lingering odor that is hard to get rid of, as odor soaks into every surface including walls, furniture, window treatments, flooring, and wall studs.


It is important to call in a professional service immediately, to evaluate and secure the property. Dry Master Restorations offers:


  • Emergency Board-Ups to secure the property

  • Debris Removal to make the property safe

  • Soot Clean Up

  • Water Damage Restoration to prevent mold

  • Reconstruction to get life back to normal


Restoration professionals undergo extensive fire restoration training and certification. Understanding the behavior of smoke and knowing what types of smoke they are dealing with will greatly affect the restoration process as well. 

  • Wet smoke- Plastics and Synthetics

  • Dry smoke- Paper and Wood

  • Protein Fire Residue- Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire.

  • Fuel Oil Soot- Furnace Puff Backs


Because we are experts in dealing with fires, we know how to clean it professionally and completely. It is important to understand why you need to call us in the event of a fire, no matter how large or small. The professionals at Dry Master Restorations will help get you back to your lives and jobs as soon as possible.

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