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Mold Damage

Mold can be anywhere, whether it's on your shower curtain, in the basement attic, walls or hidden inside wall & floor cavities. It does not always need to be visible in order for there to be a mold problem. No matter where it may be, mold in your home needs to be dealt with. It can lead to health issues, ranging from allergies and mild irritation, and in more extreme cases, prolonged illness.


Mold is microscopic and present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors, and you can’t completely eradicate mold. Mold needs just two things to grow: moisture and a food source, and it can grow and become a problem in as quickly as two weeks. Left untreated, the problem can become large and get out of hand quickly. 


If the mold in your home is the result of a moisture issue that was not properly taken care of, all water issues must be addressed before mold can be properly remediated.


Dry Master Restorations has IICRC Certified Mold Removal Technicians who can determine the proper procedure and all the necessary factors to make sure your home is safely treated.


If you believe your home has mold, call Dry Master Restorations for a free mold evaluation. No job is too big or too small!

A Man removing Mold fungus with respirat
wall and floor with black mold
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