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Deter Mold After Heavy Rain

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

After heavy rains, there is often the possibility of excess water or moisture in your home. Water can penetrate your foundation by either coming up through the floor when the ground becomes saturated, or by not having proper downspout placement.

water mark on wall and mold growth on wall and floor
Mold can easily grow after water damage has occurred if not properly dried out and treated.

The two key things to remember in mold prevention are:

  • Keep everything clean, and

  • Keep everything dry.

  • Work fast. Remove as much standing water as quickly and safely as possible after disconnecting all electronic equipment inside the building.

  • Lower the humidity. Either open windows if the air outside is less humid than the air inside or use a dehumidifier. In a basement, a heat source can also help dry out the air.

  • Make sure there is good ventilation. Use a fan, if necessary, to promote good air circulation.

Mold can begin to grow within 48 hours of a water event if steps aren’t taken to dry the area immediately. Should you find mold growing:

  • Dispose of moldy items in a sealed bag. Objects that can be saved can be frozen (which deactivates mold) or dried out.

  • Mold remediation services can assist with restoring many of your items, including documents, pictures, and books.

The professionals at Dry Master Restorations can help in cleaning and disinfecting your home from toxins and spores mold can release. Call us – we will efficiently and quickly ensure your home is safe, dry, and mold-free.

And remember, we are here to help… Anytime.


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