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Surprised with a water loss after vacation? Don't wait to fix it.

It’s everyone’s nightmare – leaving your home for a relaxing vacation - and coming back to find a disaster in the form of water everywhere. It can be a frozen pipe during the winter, a water heater that ruptured, a basement window left open during a rainstorm or a sump pump that lost power.

four pictures showing water on floor and mold on walls in different rooms
Standing water leads to mold growth

Regardless of the cause, standing water left untreated for as little as 48 hours can result in mold. The first step you need to take is to make sure the source of the damage is addressed. Turn off the main water source (if applicable,) wet-vac standing water if it’s not too deep, and definitely call your plumber and have the source of the damage fixed first.

Making sure you call a professional to dry out your home is the next most important step. A professional will use industrial equipment meant to circulate air and dry wet materials such as drywall. Not having your house completely dry will lead to further mold growth down the line, which can become severe. To prevent this, affected material such as drywall, flooring and insulation will need to be taken out. Once dried, a sealant is normally applied to prevent future mold growth. Also, a professional will know what contents need to be thrown out and what can be saved.

If mold has already begun to grow, hiring a professional who knows the correct and safest procedure in treating it is also important. They use special material and equipment to keep mold contained while treating the area. Trying to remove it yourself can make the situation worse. Oftentimes scrubbing will only release mold spores into the air, infecting other parts of the house.

It can be traumatic and not a fun way to end your vacation. Taking steps to make sure your house is secure before you leave certainly can help. But should disaster strike while you’re away, Dry Master Restorations can help you bring your home back to a safe and dry condition.

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