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Take Steps to Winterize Your Home Now, Avoid Disaster Later

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The time to make sure your home is ready for winter is now, before the weather turns cold and nasty! Winter is around the corner and the potential for severe weather is always a possibility. Getting your house winterized now could mean avoiding disasters like broken pipes, ice dams heat loss and furnace issues. And it certainly costs a lot less!

White house covered with snow next to pine trees

Because there are many things to remember, make a to-do checklist:

Clean gutters & downspouts to avoid water build-up in your gutters.

This can cause water to fall along the side of the house in heavy rain and saturate the ground surrounding your foundation, causing water issues along the walls and in your basement. It can also lead to ice dams that can cause significant water damage to your roof, siding and inside your walls.

Check roof for loose shingles.

Loose shingles can blow away during high winds, leaving your roof exposed to rain and snow, and ultimately lead to water damage in your home.

Prevent water in your pipes from freezing, and ultimately bursting:

  • Turn off exterior faucets.

  • Wrap/insulate pipes – especially those that lead outside

  • When leaving on vacation never leave the thermostat lower than 55, open cabinets under sinks to allow warm air and turn off main water.

  • If temperature outside dips below freezing for several days, keep at-risk faucets (on outside walls) open and allow water to drip.

Seal cracks and gaps by windows and doors with caulk and use weather-stripping where needed to prevent drafts. This will help insulate your house against heat loss. If you feel there is not adequate insulation in your attic, make sure to take care of that before the temperature drops. Any heat loss from the attic/roof can become a major cause of ice dams.

Have your furnace serviced and your filters changed. Nothing is worse than having insufficient or no heat during frigid winter days and nights. A furnace that is not working properly can cause hazards such as a fire, puff-back or carbon-monoxide issues.

Take the time now to make sure your home is ready for whatever this winter season may bring before disaster strikes. However, if you do end up with water or smoke damage, remember that Dry Master Restorations is available 24/7, and Here to Help…. Anytime.

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