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The Complex Behavior of Smoke

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Fire is a traumatic experience, no matter how large or small. Most everything that has been charred by the flames will need to be replaced.

House with smoke coming from the roof with firemen in front and a pickup truck in the driveway.
Smoke from a fire will engulf the entire home.

Once the items have been replaced and the structure rebuilt or repaired, it doesn’t necessarily mean that restoration is completed. Smoke and soot stains that are usually visible may not be that easy to clean. It is important to understand why “wiping away” soot is not always the right answer when trying to clean up after a fire.

Also smoke damage is not always something that you can see. Smoke odor often soaks into every surface of the home including walls, furniture, window treatments, flooring, and wall studs.

A true restoration will take care of hidden smoke damage as well as visual smoke and fire damage.

Behavior of Smoke

A fire loss can be complex because of the unique behavior of smoke. Restoration professionals undergo extensive fire restoration training and certification and understand the behavior of smoke:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas.

  • Smoke migrates to upper levels of a structure.

  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, using holes around pipes to go from floor to floor.

Knowing how smoke penetrates and lingers is only one part of being able to mitigate smoke damage. Knowing what types of smoke will greatly affect the restoration process as well. Each type has its own behavior and properties:

  • Wet smoke- Plastics and Synthetics

  • Dry smoke- Paper and Wood

  • Protein Fire Residue- Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire.

  • Fuel Oil Soot- Furnace Puff Backs

Because we are experts in dealing with fires, we know how to clean ALL fire and smoke damage professionally and completely. It is important to call us in the event of a fire, no matter how large or small.

The professionals at Dry Master Restorations are certified technicians who will help get you back to your lives and jobs as soon as possible. We are here to help…. Anytime.

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