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Why Use a Professional to treat mold?

Mold is the new four-letter word. It can strike fear in any homeowner, especially with reports on how it can affect health and safety everywhere you look. When selling a home, it is often the first thing a home inspector now looks for.

two men wearing protective suits, gloves and face masks with air filters
Wearing PPE to handle mold is a must

The good news is, not all mold is the same, and not all mold is unhealthy. (See our blog on mold myths.) The bad news is, mold is present in the air, indoors and out, and it takes diligence and care to prevent mold from growing, especially where all the right elements – moisture, poor air flow and food source – are present.

Obviously preventing mold growth is preferable (and cheaper) than mold removal. But should you end up finding mold growth in your home, it is safest not to try to solve the problem on your own.

Why you should not treat mold yourself

Using bleach may kill certain kinds of mold growth, especially on non-porous surfaces. But bleach has not been proven to be effective on all kinds of mold, and it frequently doesn’t work so well on porous materials such as wood. In addition, the amount of bleach that may be needed to clean up a mold problem may in turn pose its own health risks.

Just because you only see a little mold, doesn’t mean it’s a little problem. Oftentimes what you see may not be the entire story and could likely be just the surface issue – like an iceberg, what is visible is only the tip of major growth lurking behind a wall or under the floor. While it may seem like something you can take care of on your own, in many cases you are only looking at the tip.

Trying to “scrub” areas that have mold may release the mold spores into the air, spreading them to other areas of the house. Once airborne, the spores can literally descend into any crevice of your home, including cabinets, air ducts, closets, etc. The mold then has an opportunity to continue spreading in new areas of your home.

Why use a professional mold company

Professional mold remediation companies must follow specific guidelines and protocols when treating mold and receive extensive training on these protocols. Professionals also have the tools and materials to treat mold safely:

  • They have specialized machines that act as scrubbers to remove and clean the air of airborne pollutants.

  • They know how to seal off, or contain, areas to keep airborne mold spores from contaminating additional rooms.

  • They use specialized disinfection solutions which are plant-based and considered safe, which is especially important when children or pets are present in the home.

  • They coat the treated area with a special “paint” that contains a mold inhibitor.

In truth, it is much easier to make the time and take the steps to prevent mold in the first place. However, should you suspect or find mold anywhere in your home, rest assured that Dry Master Restorations will take care of the problem and make your home dry and safe. We are Here to Help…Anytime.


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