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Our Terms and Conditions 

Dry Master Restorations, Inc. may provide hyperlinks to third-party websites as a convenience to users of this website. Dry Master Restorations, Inc. does not review, or control the third-party websites, and Dry Master Restorations, Inc.  is not responsible for the information on, and contents of any hyperlinked third-party websites or any hyperlink in any hyperlinked website.

Dry Master Restorations, Inc.  does not endorse, recommend, or approve any third-party website hyperlinked from this website. With respect to any information appearing on any site linked to this site, Dry Master Restorations, Inc.  advises the users of this website that reliance on such information should only be made or undertaken after the user’s independent review of its accuracy, completeness and authenticity.

You should review the privacy policy of each Internet site linked to this site, and you should also review the terms of use of any linked site. The sites that are linked to this website are not subject to these Terms of Website Use, and they may have different terms of use, and they may have an additional or different privacy policy concerning any data that they access through your utilization of their site. In any event, Dry Master Restorations, Inc.  is not responsible for any use of your information or data by any hyperlinked site.


Dry Master Restorations, Inc. reserves the right to use direct quotes from customers regarding the work and services we provided on our website. We also reserve the right to use photographs and videos showing the scope of work. Dry Master restorations will not specifically identify the location of the work pictured.


Dry Master Restorations retains copyrights to all information, materials, graphics, and content of copyrightable nature posted on this website. Certain information is reprinted and posted on this website with permission from others. Any copying, dissemination or reuse of any of the material on, or contents of this website is strictly forbidden without the prior written release or permission.


Dry Master Restorations maintains ownership of all original content, photographs and videos.


These Terms and Conditions may change in the future without notice. Please check this Terms & Conditions page to make sure you are aware of any policy changes we might have.

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