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Water Damage

Water damage can occur from a variety of sources: a pipe leak, broken water heater, frozen water and thawing water between roof shingles (ice dams), wind-driven rain, etc.


No matter what kind of water damage you incur, or how severe, the sooner you call a professional, the better. Water left standing can quickly become a breeding ground of bacterial growth in a matter of 48 hours, and mold can begin growing within three days.


One call to Dry Master Restorations means that an IICRC Certified Water Damage Expert comes to your home, assesses the damage and quickly turns around an estimate using Xactimate® software, an industry-wide accepted program. Specialized equipment is used to extract the water and dry your home, and all necessary affected materials such as drywall and anything unsalvageable is removed to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.


According to Wikipedia, “ In many circumstances, especially when the drywall has been exposed to water or moisture for less than 48 hours, professional restoration experts can avoid the cost, inconvenience, and difficulty of removing and replacing the affected drywall.”  This helps in keeping insurance costs down for most homeowners.


Dry Master Restorations will do what's necessary to ensure the mess is cleaned up and restore your property to a safe, healthy and clean condition.

Copper pipe with a hole and water leaking out
room with hardwood floor covered with water
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