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Emergency Service Profile

If you have a loss, whether it’s a fire, broken water pipe, a fallen tree or a host of other problems, will you be prepared? Do you have someone to call 24/7 to help you deal with the challenge of the emergency? Do you have the resources to protect the property from further damage? When your adjuster asks for a catalog of contents, do you have one? What if your catalog is destroyed in the loss?


Typically, your homeowner’s insurance policy assumes you have solutions for these questions. Our Emergency Services Profile solves these challenges and more. It’s the perfect complement to your insurance policy.


The Dry Master Restorations Emergency Service Profile gives you the peace of mind that your inventory and supporting documentation is prepared, up-to-date, accurate, safe, ready whenever you need it.


Priority Service

With just one phone call, our Call Center will dispatch our certified technicians to secure your property and immediately develop and implement a Restoration Action Plan that’s customized for you and your specific needs.


Contents Inventory

Prior to any loss or damage, a full inventory of your home’s contents will be compiled with photographs to prove their presence in your home.

Structure & Materials Documentation

Your home will be measured and diagrammed, and the existing finishes will be catalogued. This information can be useful in determining the replacement cost values of these finishes.


Secure Off-Site Archiving

All the of the information collected will be securely and digitally archived on our servers. This ensures that the information can’t be damaged or compromised in the event of a disaster at your home.


An Emergency Service Profile insures:

  • Your information is on-demand and available 24/7

  • You have a burden of proof of contents for your insurance company.

  • Your claim will be expedited since all your information is handily available.

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